EDUZE Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction
    • Eduze is a free content service, offered in specific locations and with specific partners only.
    • The Eduze service can only be accessed via our CLOX [Cloud in a Box] device or via one of our partner portals.
    • Our goal is to provide education, upliftment and inspiration to the community through our service offering.
    • We welcome user feedback at , or via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    • We welcome content submissions to or .
    • By the use of our system, and by your action of accessing our service, take note that you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


  1. Service
    • We do not guarantee the availability of any content at any time. Content on the service is rotated regularly, so an item will not be available on the service indefinitely.
    • We do not guarantee an uninterrupted or error free service, as many factors can influence the proper performance of our system. Certain of these factors are provided by third parties over whom we have no influence.  The service is offered on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis.
    • From time to time Eduze may perform system maintenance or encounter technical difficulties, and this may cause the system to be temporarily unavailable.
    • Eduze is designed as a service which offers users access to content in a manner which will not require a user to pay for data. However, from time to time, we may make adjustments to our service, or a user may use the service in such a fashion as to incur data charges.  Any and all data costs incurred by users are not included in our service provision and are always for the cost of the user.  We advise all users to check that no data is being consumed by the device connected to our service to ensure that they are using the service without incurring data charges.  Under no circumstances, will Eduze be held liable for data costs howsoever incurred.
    • From time to time, Eduze may make use of cookies in order to bring our users a better service. The use of cookies does not allow any personal details of the user to be collected, and we recommend that you do enable these, to get an optimal service.  However, if you prefer not to allow cookies, please disable these by following the instructions in your chosen browser or device.  If you do not disable the cookies, it is assumed that you consent to their use under these Terms and Conditions.
    • In certain cases, the Eduze service may allow the user access to the internet, or to certain sites located on the internet [or the world wide web]. Should a user decide to access the internet via the Eduze service, this is done so entirely at their own risk.  Eduze will not accept any liability for any damage to the user or the user’s device, howsoever caused.  Specifically note that Eduze has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content or functionality of third party internet websites or applications; even where these have been accessed, streamed or downloaded via our Service.


  1. Registration
    • Users may be asked to register when they enter the Eduze system.
    • If a registration process is presented as mandatory to the user, the instructions must be followed in order to access the system.
    • Users may be asked to authenticate their account by responding to an SMS or email at their own cost. Eduze will make every effort to keep these costs to a minimum.
    • Eduze is entitled to deny registration and/ or access to any user without stating reasons.


  1. User Account
    • Following a successful registration, the user will be provided with an account and access to the service.
    • The user may be asked to provide personal information during or after the registration process. Whether this information is voluntary or mandatory, the user is always required to answer honestly, and false responses will entitle Eduze to deny access to that user at any time.
    • User accounts are not transferable and passwords must be protected and not shared. Users shall be liable for any damage caused by sharing of passwords, and unauthorised access.
    • You will be responsible for all activity within your account.


  1. Content and Editorial Policy
    • Eduze provides access to content from many different providers, and always aims to ensure that we offer relevant and appropriate content. Eduze makes no representations or guarantees as to the suitability of this content for any particular purpose.
    • In accessing this service, a user may come across items of content that are explicit, political or sensitive in nature. Users must use their own discretion in choosing to access content items, which includes advertisements or promotional features.  We advise users to be cautious in following the advice of any such item of content that they may consume, and to thoroughly assess the suitability of the content and its point of view; and its applicability in the real world.
    • Eduze maintains a neutral editorial policy, and has no particular agenda or point of view in term of our content offering.
    • We will publish content on a variety of topics and it should never be assumed that a piece of content found in the Eduze service, represents Eduze’s point of view or opinion on any topic; nor that or our sponsors, advertisers or partners; or any other associated parties.
    • Content on Eduze is available to stream or download, per the content owner’s licensing conditions. Streaming, by definition, refers to a situation of immediate playback, and does not allow for a transfer of the file to the user’s device.  If we offer a download, this immediately indicates that the content owner is willing to allow each user to make their own copy of the content, and take it away with them.  We ask users to respect these terms and not to try to download an item of content that is only available to stream.  We also ask users that have a downloaded item of content not to share this with others, rather direct them to download it directly from our service.  We are offering that item directly to our users, and we do not give a user permission to share content with other users.


  1. Costs
    • Eduze is always a free service for users. Users are asked to notify Eduze at if ever there is an attempt to charge them for access to our service.
    • From time to time, Eduze may offer premium content which requires a fee to be paid. This will be clearly marked in the interface, and the fee must be paid before access to the content will be allowed.
      • Users are advised to check if the fee allows streaming or download access before making payment.
      • Users are also advised to check that their device is compatible to our content before making a purchase.


  1. Devices
    • Eduze makes every effort to keep our technology updated, and to test and add new devices as they enter the market.
    • However as the world of technology moves and changes so quickly, we cannot guarantee that every device will be compatible to our service.


  1. Marketing
    • Eduze shall have the right to contact users with updates and news via email or SMS.
    • Users can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the communication.


  1. Intellectual Property
    • All intellectual property in the service and related properties, websites and applications, remains vested in Eduze.
    • Intellectual property in the content offered remains vested in the content owner.
    • Users agree to treat such intellectual property with respect and not to attempt to reverse engineer the service, hack into the service, copy files from the service or cause damage to any part of the service, or its content, in any other manner. This includes launching any automated technology [hardware and software] to collect the content within the Service.


  1. General
    • Subject only to applicable law, by the use of the Eduze Service, you indemnify and hold us, our advertisers and sponsors, and our host venues; harmless against all or any loss, liability, actions, proceedings, costs, demands and damages of all and every kind [including direct, indirect, special or consequential damages] and whether in action based on contract, negligence [with the exception of gross negligence] on the part of Eduze or any other action, arising out of or in connection with failure or delay in performance of the Services offered or the use of said Services.
    • Eduze may assign the rights established in this Agreement to a third party, without notice to users.
    • Users may not assign their rights in this Agreement.
    • Eduze may amend these terms and conditions at any time, and shall notify the user via an alert notice on their website located at; or by placing these terms within the service.
    • Eduze is located in Johannesburg and South African law shall apply.

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