We made a box that allows us to distribute movies, games, music, ebooks and apps to mobile devices and computers- super quickly and with no data cost.

We call these boxes CLOX – Cloud in a Box. CLOX doesnt need 3G, ADSL or even mains electricity to work. It can be a completely autonomous network and operate with 3G when available. Clever neh?

We’re launching CLOX into schools, colleges, universities, community centres, buses, shops and other public spaces across the African continent over the next few years, starting with South Africa in April 2016.

When you’re at one of our selected sites, CLOX gives you free, quick and easy access to education and entertainment, right on your phone, tablet or PC. 

We may have some rad tech but we will always be about the content and you, the user.

We find spectacular videos, music, podcasts, games, apps and books to educate, inspire and entertain you. We search your city, country, continent and world and curate all of this great stuff into playlists. These are what we present to you on CLOX, with free access, forever.



Eduze is a mission-led social enterprise.
We are for-profit – profits are used to expand our mission.


Offering digital experiences that are accessible, relevant, informative, educational and entertaining.