Eduze and CLOX curate and distribute curriculum, career guidance and inspirational content from some of the World and Africa’s leading educational and developmental publishers and NGOs.

From early learning centres through to high schools FET colleges and universities – eduze is curating amazing digital learning resources- videos through to ebooks, podcasts and apps.

Further monetize your passengers with no-cost down on-board entertainment options.
A value add for passengers and a marketing communications and research channel for you. 

Offer movies and entire TV shows for long distance journeys. Plus the potential to GROW revenue through advertising, sponsorship and premium content sales. 


Distribute, target and track your corporate training and internal communications.

Incentivise engagement through free movies and music, track usage, encourage feedback – all within a remotely managed co-branded portal that can be completely autonomous to your existing networks and systems.

Enterprise level training for SME’s with content from leading publishers covering entrepreneurship, financial literacy, communication skills, good business practices, health and safety, governance, etc  

Distribute important developmental and educational information into waiting rooms, maternity and ECD centres, HIV clinics and medical centres.

Eduze offers a co-brandable, effective, managed marketing, information, entertainment and news portal for your staff, your patients and their guests. 

Low cost, low maintenance in-ward entertainment on patient’s own (and preferred) devices. Distribute and track staff training and internal communications and incentivise and collect marketing research and surveys.


CLOX and eduze integrate easily with existing network infrastructure – locally or on a backbone.
Build brand loyalty while offering site partners and users added value.

Restaurants, cafes, fast food franchisees –  eduze offers you an easy, effective, managed entertainment and news portal for your guests that can be co-branded and monetized in a multitude of ways