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CLOX - Cloud in a Box

Simply put, CLOX is a webserver and Wi-Fi access point in one small box.

Under the hood is a bunch of proprietary tech that allows you to deliver full web-like experiences with no data costs or connectivity issues for your employees.

Packed With Amazing Features:

A data-free digital media network, that you can control and manage remotely, for distributing your corporate comms and training/development.

Content can be updated remotely from anywhere in the world. Easy to update one, some or all the CLOX in your network. You pay data for content updates, to send the file to the CLOX.

Once the CLOX is updated, that file can be delivered locally millions of times for no cost and with no limits.

CLOX can also be updated locally over Wi-Fi by administrators or via an encrypted flash drive by anyone.

Eduze can manage the data on the CLOX, to ensure you never run out and can always access your CLOX.

User analytics can also be retrieved remotely or viewed locally by administrators.

Check out the most and least popular content, how much time people are spending, how many people connect, etc. Your CLOX can include user logins/registration – meaning you can also collect data on individuals such as test results or course progress.

Clients have asked for a variety of CLOX deployments to suit their need. These include:

  • As mobile CLOX in shoulder bags for trainers to take with them wherever they go.
  • CLOX in canteens, offices, meeting rooms, breakout areas and receptions.
  • CLOX outputting videos and digital signage via HDMI to TV screens, alongside the WI-Fi network and individuals being able to connect with their own devices.
  • CLOX connected to an existing LAN or WLAN, so users can connect to the content on CLOX via your existing Wi-Fi or local area network.
  • Outdoor CLOX – weatherproof and boltable to anything (including billboards)


We can provide CLOX with high powered Wi-Fi antenna to boost reach as well as solar and battery packs.

Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet, laptop or computer can connect to CLOX. It also has an ethernet connection for fixed line connection.

  • 70m total range, 10m ideal range
  • 40 – 120 concurrent video connections, no buffering*
  • 120-150 concurrent website/PDF/text connections*

CLOX can be configured to allow users to connect to the internet as well. We can whitelist and blacklist certain URLs, to prevent unscrupulous data usage and reduce your overall data cost.

* depending on end user device and environment


Reduce costs, increase productivity

Give your employees data-free access to all your learning and corporate material.

Improve your employees lives by helping them learn, develop and grow, as well as making them feel like they are truly part of the organisation, working together.

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As a team we have decades of experience in media, training and mobile. We can help your content resonate with your employees.

  • Shailin Naidoo - e-Learning & Media Development Manager - Smollan
    Shailin Naidoo - e-Learning & Media Development Manager - Smollan - Eduze has really helped our organisation in a time of high data costs. Employees are able to learn with videos, pdf’s and articles also being able to download them to there phones for free with no data costs. Friendly and professional staff always willing to help. Highly recommended.
  • Ryan James - Head of Development - Good Work Foundation
    Ryan James - Head of Development - Good Work Foundation - The Clox provides a centralised content platform that is easy to use for first-time digital users. What’s more, it has substantially reduced GWF’s monthly bandwidth fees. It is an ideal tool for organisations working to democratise access to learning.

"Eduze & CLOX tackle some of the issues you face with your organisational content. We can produce, distribute, track and manage your content, while giving your employees the access and engagement they deserve"

- Charlie Beuthin, CEO & Co-Founder

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